WCAR Leadership Academy

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Application Deadline is July 15, 2019

The WCAR Leadership Academy was established in 2016 and we are pleased to begin accepting applications from participants for our 2019 session. Please find below some background to help you understand the program and its purpose - and your possible role in it.


The program has been implemented to introduce more members to a deeper understanding of what all WCAR does, how it operates, and the significance of its work. It is also to help create an increasing pool of informed members who will be interested in and motivated to be involved in the association at a variety of levels - and perhaps lead it in the future.


The experience will be open to a maximum of 15 participants per year. In order to participate, applicants must complete a brief form, have it signed by their managing broker, and submitted to Rob Wigton by July 15th.


The cost of participation will be $200 per person so we can offset the costs of the course - including food, course materials, and other items. However, half of that cost will be underwritten by a scholarship from the REALTORS® Good Works Foundation. The other half will be the responsibility of the participant (and can be paid by the member or their firm).


The experience will include four sessions, each of which will be four hours long (including some Q & A and social time at the conclusion of each session). There will be one session per week, with a one-week break in the middle. So, the entire experience will last 5 weeks - and a lifetime. The class schedule is as follows:

  • August 1, 2019
  • August 8, 2019
  • August 21, 2019
  • August 28, 2019
  • Graduation - TBD

The Experience

The sessions will address a variety of topics and include several different speakers. From a better understanding of the national, state and local associations to improved understanding of WCAR's political grassroots effort and political fundraising efforts, this will be time well spent for those who engage.


There will be four levels of intended outcomes.

  • First, we want those who graduate to be enthusiastic ambassadors for WCAR because they know how active the association is and how valuable its services really are.
  • Second, our hope is that those who graduate will apply their skills and engage in various WCAR committees.
  • Third, as our graduates participate with us at the committee level, our expectation is that some will demonstrate leadership qualities and serve as committee chairs.
  • Finally, as leadership at the committee level is demonstrated, members responsible for recruiting candidates for service on the board of directors will have an increasing pool of knowledgeable, engaged members from which to make their nominations.

Application Process



  • Download and complete the application, then fax it to 615-771-6621.

Application deadline is July 15th.